Isles of Scilly – here we come: cars, boats and tractors – day 1 and 2.

Having packed the car to the gunnels (quite apt considering some of our modes of transport to come)  we set off on the 300+ miles to Penzance, our stopover for the night.  Considering our friends journey tortuous journey, six and a half hours to get there wasn’t too bad. Thankfully our first and only night en route to the Isles was going to be spent in a tipi.  Lots of space and really comfortable – courtesy of the YHA.  After our first night under canvas we had to head down to the quay to unload the car. This sounds like an easy job, which it was, but it was the volume of stuff we had. Because we were staying on the smallest inhabited island, Bryher, we were taking everything we needed for a week with us: tent, sleeping bags, pots, pans, cutlery, camping stove, blow up beds, you name it we took it.  Having unloaded our luggage onto the quay it was then loaded into a container and put on the Scillonian 111.  This was to be the first of two boats we would take.  A smooth (thankfully) two and an half hour crossing and we landed at the island of St. Mary’s.  Here we, and our luggage, transferred to another boat, the much smaller Firethorn of Bryher for the short trip to Bryher, our home for the next week.  The last leg of our journey, for our bags, was by tractor – we had to walk.  Once they’d been unloaded at the site  we had to put our tent up and put together all our equipment..

DSC08645DSC08647DSC08656    DSC08658


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