Our Penultimate day in Tanzania – Saturday School, Isamilo International School.

During term time, Isamilo International School operates a Saturday school. It is run by volunteers from the sixth form and staff who give up their mornings to generally help, supervise and be on hand.  The children who turn up are ones who may not attend school (most secondary aged children don’t due to expense, having to go out and earn a living, or a multitude of other reasons). Given that it was our final Saturday I wanted to try and get some nice pictures of a very laudable project. It ended up being an upsetting occasion as it simply highlighted the inequalities in a beautiful country that had been our home for ten months. A country of those that have and those that have not, and in this instance, those that can and those that can’t………………….get in.  Each week it is a different group of children so one week it may be primary children and the following it will be different aged children.  Whatever age children it is they start queuing about an hour before the  gates ‘open.’

Part of the queue to get in.

When the gates do open they are ticked off one by one.  The children come in with mismatched shoes, no shoes, broken shoes, ill-fitting clothes, worn out clothes but all with the aim of bettering themselves.  Sadly there are always some that are unable to come in due to the sheer number of them.  I have only labelled a couple of pictures  as I’d like people to simply think about what the pictures might show: hope, despair, division, equality, inequality,

An orderly queue waiting to come in.

IMG_3775 IMG_3785 IMG_3787 IMG_3796 IMG_3793 IMG_3792 IMG_3790 IMG_3797 IMG_3798 IMG_3801 IMG_3806


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