Next time you want a 4 x 2, think of this !!

Yesterday we had a tree chopped down in the compound as the local electricity company said it was blowing against their power cables.  So along came two men and a big saw.  It was a lovely hard wood tree.  Today, the proper work began.

To give an idea of scale.
Step 1 – measure up.
Step 2 – suspend over large pit.
Step 4 – measured up – sawing begins

This is what happens to felled trees here.  Firstly a big pit is dug, about 5 feet deep.  The tree is then cut into smaller sections. Two of the smaller sections are put across the hole onto which the larger piece of trunk is lain.

Step 5 – old bike crank inserted to help split wood
Step 6 – the sawing continues

Hope that makes sense – if not see the photo.  The large piece of trunk is then measured into square sections using a piece of string soaked in charcoal dust in water with a plumb attached.  The two men then set to work to cut the trunk using  a saw that must be about 8 feet long. One man is in the hole and the other above.  Once they have cut into the trunk by about a foot they knock an old pedal crank into the gap to help split it.  The two men saw through the entire length of the trunk until they reach the end – all of this done in about 85 degrees of heat. They have been doing it all day and the net result so far is a nice pile of six 10 foot long pieces of wood – all uniform in size and all done by hand.  The skill involved is amazing – I sat and watched them for about half an hour whilst they measured, sawed and generally showed an how ingenious the Tanzanians can be.

Step 7 – another old bike crank hammered in.
After a hard day's work !!
After a hard day’s work !!



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