Ugandan Road Trip Day Thirteen and Fourteen – Lake Albert Safari Lodge to Entebbe – The Long Road Home

Woke after a fitful sleep (for me anyway). So we had breakfast, dried the tents and packed up the car ready for the start of our journey back to the southern hemisphere. There was no way we could get to Mwanza in one drive so having visited Kampala on the way north and  decided that we really didn’t need to visit on the way back we agreed to visit Entebbe. This meant driving round the outskirts of Kampala – thankfully not the centre. Entebbe is famous for the Siege of Entebbe in 1976 and is the site of the main airport for Kampala, about 35km away.  It was going to be a long drive and when we left the lodge it was nice and sunny. Unfortunately, the further south we got the weather started to change and by the time we were about 100km from Kampala it was torrential rain. I have never had the wipers on the fast setting for more than a couple of minutes anywhere I’ve driven in the world and that setting was useless in this rain. Note to car makers – make a setting on the wipers for ‘African rain.’ So we were crawling along really. By the time we hit the outskirts of Kampala it had stopped thankfully and we managed to circumnavigate it without really going wrong.  Got to Entebbe by about 3pm and found a small guest house to stay with Karl opting to stay in a backpackers lodge behind our guest house.  Went to a lovely restaurant for dinner and then off to bed.

Our last night in Uganda – Entebbe.

After breakfast the next day we had decided to visit the botanical gardens which were only a short drive away.  These were beautiful and have been there for many years as some of the scenes for the Johnny Weismuller Tarzan films are reputed to have been shot there. We spent a lovely hour or so wandering around the massive trees and beautiful plants.

Gil in front of a large termite hill, Entebbe Botanical Gardens
Did Tarzan swing through these trees?
Black and white colobus monkey – Botanical gardens
Botanical gardens – Entebbe.

It was then time to hit the road for Bukoba, our last night on the road.  We stopped at the equator for lunch which was lovely as on the way north the weather had been rubbish – it was now sunny and hot.  After having lunch we headed to the border, hopeful that the red tape we had encountered going north would be simplified that we were heading ‘home.’  It took us 40 minutes to get through the border posts which was really good.  Within two minutes of being in Tanzania I had been stopped for speeding – another Tzs30,000 fine. And then 30 minutes later I was stopped again by a policewoman. She said that I didn’t have a fire sticker – which is what I had been stopped and fined for as we were leaving Tanzania.  I said I knew and explained that we had been fined 2 weeks ago. She asked why I hadn’t bought one to which I said we had been in Uganda for two weeks.  She asked why we hadn’t come back to get one !!  Eventually she relented and accepted that I wasn’t going to pay (fine or bribe) and said I had to go to any police station to get one. Funnily enough we were outside one so I said could I get one there.  The answer was a flat ‘NO’ so I agreed to get one in Bukoba when we arrived.  Got to Bukoba with no more police stopping us, found the police station and was told that I had to come back at 8am in the morning after having found that our fire extinguisher was empty and having had it re-filled.  We all stayed at the very nice Kolping Hotel overlooking Lake Victoria. Only 480km to go !!


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