Ugandan Road Trip Day Two – Bukoba to Kampala

Having driven 480km on day one I was already looking forward to a shorter drive on day two.  When we woke it was raining and very grey and overcast over Lake Victoria.  So it was going to be a shorter drive but in the rain – lovely.  Reached the border with Uganda mid-morning to be met by loads of red tape and bureaucracy.  The whole area was a mud bath and officials seemed to be scattered around in small huts.  We were passed from one hut to another in the mud and eventually got through to Uganda after an hour and $100 for the visas for Gil and I.  An hour later we were at the equator where we got out to take some snaps and stepped foot in the northern hemisphere – the first time in seven months.

Hemispheres apart (sort of) !

Thankfully the rain had abated by now and we carried on to Kampala – which is simply one big traffic jam.  We had rough directions but really weren’t sure where we were. All we knew was that we entered the city in the west and where we were staying was in the east.  In the end we stopped a boda boda (motor cycle taxi) driver to see if he could direct us.  Turned out we were miles away so we ended up following him along the roads ‘til we eventually came to our destination at about 4 o’clock – and shining sun.  Gil made use of the pool and we spent the rest of the evening relaxing, enjoying the view over the northern end of Lake Victoria and looking forward to the following day – a day of finally being in a civilised city………………sort of. Total distance travelled so far – 799km.

Just what's needed after 799km in two days.
Just what’s needed after 799km in two days.

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