Ugandan Road Trip Day One – God wouldn’t let us in!

Packed onto the Busisi ferry !!

As usual, it was an early start as we had to drop Liz and Pearl off at the airport at 6.30am for their flights to Cape Town and then on to the teacher flats to pick up Paul and Karl to make up our travelling group.  Not really a good start as the first of several suicidal dogs ran in front of the car within 10 minutes of setting off – sorry dog lovers, but as Karl would say several times on the trip – ‘Natural Selection.’  Having dropped Liz and Pearl off and said our goodbyes and then picked up Paul and Karl we were on our way.  First stop after about 40 minutes was to  get the Busisi Ferry across one of many small gulfs on the southern side of Lake Victoria.

Having got across the gulf it was full steam ahead – that was until the super efficient Tanzanian police stopped me – and then fined me Tzs 30,000 for not having a certain sticker on my windscreen – this would cause problems again on the return leg !

Overtook every lorry as the roads were straight and fairly empty.  Incredibly, one of the lorries we overtook had been imported from Markfield, a full six miles from where we live in Leicester.

An imported truck from England – and only 5 miles from where we live in Leicester. Photo taken 6,195 miles from where the lorry originated !!
Bukoba Cathedral – ‘you can’t come in.’ Nice to know the house of God is open to only some.

Got to our first day’s destination, Bukoba, in time for going for a drink and a wander.  Unlike Mwanza, there was no litter and it had a laid back feel to it.  Went to look at the RC cathedral which is a fantastic building.  We decided to go in but were met at the gates (not pearly) to the grounds by a man who said we weren’t allowed to enter.  Karl, being Roman Catholic, asked why not, to which the reply came that we simply weren’t – despite the fact that there were lots of people milling around close to the building.  I then asked if I could go in to take some photos which got a flat ‘No.’  A nun then appeared and I asked her if I could take photos – she said that I needed permission from the pastor or some other religious figure. I said surely she would want me to take photos of such a beautiful building and show my friends – ‘NO.’  Ignoring both people I had to content myself with taking photos from across the road. The building itself, from what we could see from outside the grounds, is a mix between the new Coventry Cathedral and Thunderbird  3. Just a shame we weren’t allowed closer than the gates.  IMG_0187


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