A Family Split !!

After days and days of it getting warmer and warmer, peaking in the mid 30’s (Celsius) it now feels decidedly cool and people are saying it’s the pre-cursor to the long rains which are now imminent.  and it’s only 2 days to go to the Easter holidays. Doesn’t that always happen in England – holiday looming, weather turns?  Having said that it’s cooler, it’s still about 25 degrees so can’t really complain.

And with Easter, comes the obligatory holiday period, and for the first time the Sahu family are going to be splitting up – with the ladies heading south (not for the winter) and the boys heading north!  Pearl and Liz are heading to Cape Town for two weeks of enjoying themselves and Gil and I are heading north to Uganda. And for the first time in seven months the boys will be in the same hemisphere as many of you reading this !!  The girls are hopefully doing all the things that you should do in Cape Town – visit family and friends, get your hair done (first time since being here), have high tea, visit Table Mountain, Robben Island and see the penguins and the boys are going to stand on the equator, visit a rhino sanctuary, go fossil collecting, go on a swamp safari and visit Murchison Falls.  So, in a couple of weeks you can expect to see pictures of Liz’s hair, rhinos, mountains and goodness knows what.


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