Half Term Holiday – hippos and crocs !! Day Two

Got woken at 5am by flashing lights – peeked out the window to see the most fantastic electrical storm going on over the lake.  It seemed to be sheet lightning everywhere, no rain and no thunder. It was a beautiful sight followed by a fantastic sunrise.


IMG_9667   IMG_9793

Breakfast and off on our foot safari complete with fully armed guide.  It was a walk through dense vegetation with hundreds of butterflies and strange sounds. Eventually we ended up  at a point called Pongo Viewpoint where we had a fabulous view over a bay and in the distance we could see a storm brewing.   Back down the hillside to the bay we had looked over earlier.  It was here we had our first view of a big crocodile.

IMG_9778     IMG_9741

And whilst we were staring at him behind us was a huge hippo. Luckily the hippo seemed uninterested even though we were between him and the water.  There were also loads of birds flying around making the whole scene truly stunning.  After spending a while in the company of the hippo and crocs we made our way back passing an area where poachers’ boats had been confiscated. We finally arrived back at the bandas after being out in the ‘jungle’ for about 5 hours.  No elephants or giraffe but plenty of other things to have kept us occupied.  In the afternoon we were supposed to be on a boat safari but sadly the weather out in the gulf wasn’t very good so we sat on the beach and relaxed by watching the hippos just off the shore.

Just after our evening meal we were alerted to a crocodile on the beach – not just any crocodile but a monster.  We all rushed out to look at him as he was lured onto the beach by a fish head. It really was enormous – after a while the armed guard seemed to have had enough. He called time on the croc by saying it was dangerous. He picked up a huge log from the fire that was lit and through it at the croc – it hit him full on and he was off into the water unsurprisingly. An exciting day was had by all – apart from the poor croc who possibly had a headache!!

Night croc


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