January, 2015

In an attempt to keep on top of the blog I am posting most of January in one posting and keeping it really brief.  Hopefully it will read OK – and hopefully the formatting will be OK. So if you want to know about what we have been up to over the past 3 weeks or so, read on.  It’s been football, parties and illness !!

Monday 12th January, 2015

So, second week back and it’s a bank holiday so we have a lazy day.  It’s off to Tunza Lodge in the afternoon to celebrate Graham’s birthday. An afternoon of nice chat, sitting on a beach and watching the sun go down – slightly different from a Monday in January in England !!

Tuesday 13th January, 2015

Back to school today and by lunchtime I am feeling not very well – freezing cold despite the fact that it’s at least 80 degrees and the sun is shining brightly.  I spend the whole of lunch sitting in the sun trying to get warm and by 2.15, home time, I simply pack my bag and head home and get in a hot bath to try and get warm.  My temperature is 102 so get into a sleeping bag and then into bed and the next day and a half is a bit of a daze as I slept most of it.  By Thursday I was feeling marginally better – my temperature had gone down to just above normal but my frequent visits to the toilet hadn’t stopped.  Liz had had a late invite to Tilapia for drinks with the British High Commissioner in the evening so I said I would be taxi driver.

Putting on a brave face.
Putting on a brave face.

Sat there for an hour whilst Liz and friends mingled and then headed home as was exhausted.  Left Liz there as it wasn’t fair me dragging her home. The only thing that had passed my lips was some water and a couple of canapés.  Bed by 8pm – some party!

Friday 16th January, 2015

Felt a lot better in the morning but still had some symptoms so headed into town to do a self diagnosis for malaria – negative !!  Went into school for the afternoon knowing it would be a nice easing in after feeling so unwell. In the evening I had invited some friends to spend the evening on the flat’s rooftop for my birthday and to watch the sun go down.  It was a lovely evening with some good friends – thank you to those who came and gave cards / gifts.


Saturday 17th January, 2015

A lazy day as still wasn’t feeling up to scratch. In the evening  we had been invited to a party at which I was taking photographs for the host. A lovely party and got to meet some new people.

Thursday 22nd January, 2015

Word had been spreading during the week that the national football team were playing a friendly at the CCM Kirumba Stadium in the evening which was in fact the case. So having spent the grand total of Tzs 5000 (Tzs 2722 – £1) we took our seats (well concrete benches) and waited for the match to start.  Have to admit it was a beautiful setting which far outweighed the football on offer. It ended one apiece and had turned out to be an under 23 (we think) game.  that said it was fascinating seeing everybody standing for the national anthem, the local ruling party feeling the need to have a show of strength by driving round the pitch during the second half, at speed, with flags waving.  Riot police were on hand just in case things got out of hand although they seemed to spend most of the match chatting, looking at their mobile phones or buying ice creams.

It was scorching and we sat in full sun – some people were prepared.

DSC07531 DSC07534

Drive past by the ruling party - in the middle of the second half.
Drive past by the ruling party – in the middle of the second half.

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